A Fresh Start at The Terraces

George “Ged” Deming and Cindy Stewart lived on the Main Line, suburbs just west of Philadelphia, for the majority of their adult lives, building families, routines, and deep friendships. After they were both widowed, they found each other and decided to continue building their lives together. Looking for a fresh start, they also were interested in downsizing. Although The Hill at Whitemarsh was on the other side of the river, it provided them with a perfect opportunity: new construction in an unmatched setting at The Terraces residences at The Hill.

Ged and Cindy were able to purchase their new home before construction even began. Together, they had the chance to literally build the next chapter of their lives together.

“We got in early, when it was still under construction,” said Ged. “It’s a corner unit on the second floor with great views and ample space. We had the ability to choose accessories and paint colors, and added a fireplace and wall in our den. There’s light on three sides–it’s very open and bright.”

“We love the wildlife and the birds from the nearby Dixon Meadow Preserve,” Cindy said. “The environment is a huge aspect; it’s lovely.”

The couple moved into their new home in August 2020, and they have been able to seamlessly integrate into life at The Hill, complete with activities and social events within the community.

When they’re not spending their time getting to know this side of the river, including nearby Chestnut Hill, they spend time between their homes in both New Hampshire and Vermont. And since the drive out to the Main Line is just a few miles, Cindy has been able to continue attending and volunteering at her church there.

“I have to say, though, I am also really enjoying getting to explore this new area,” said Cindy. “The location is great–the Morris Arboretum and the Woodmere Museum are so close-by–and the farm, the landscaping, everything is always so beautiful.”

For Ged, The Hill at Whitemarsh has been on his radar since its inception. His brother served as Chairman of the Board, two close friends served as Board members, and his sister bought a villa years before his eventual move. He had not only heard great things about The Hill through the grapevine, but he had also seen so many close to him enjoying what life at The Hill had to offer.

“I’m on the Board of Jefferson Hospital, which is the healthcare partner for The Hill. I can confidently say that the care here is outstanding, and that factored into our decision,” said Ged.

When asked if it was challenging to downsize, Ged and Cindy agree that they faced some difficulties during the process, but are ultimately pleased with the outcome.

“We were able to work it out so that we both feel well represented in this new space,” said Cindy.

“The process of moving could have been the hardest part, but The Hill made everything so easy,” Ged said. “They provided us with support from day one, taking care of all the little things you would worry about. Sue Mazzarelli and her team went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure it went smoothly.”

Thanks to the white-glove service provided by the seasoned concierge Sales and Relocation Team, new residents are guaranteed to experience a stress-free move to The Hill.

“The Sales Office has been outstanding–helpful, friendly, and willing to get the job done for you,” said Ged. “The entire staff at The Hill is great, and the environment here is amazing. It’s been very reassuring.”
“Plus, everything you need is under one roof, more or less, so you don’t have to wait on any maintenance needs or services,” Cindy added. “It’s all so easy.”