Making the Move to Hawk Ridge

When Angel and Vince Tague heard that The Hill at Whitemarsh would be expanding its community with the new Hawk Ridge addition, their interest was piqued. They were already well aware of The Hill; they had several friends who had made the move over the years, and they had received informational brochures about life there and several invitations to visit the community.

The timing, however, had never been quite right for the Tagues. But by the time the opportunity for Hawk Ridge came their way, the Tagues were drawn to the concept of the condominium-style living and the amenities, such as a heated parking garage, an elevator and full-service maintenance. Having the new pub and dining facility directly across the street from their new home was also part of the appeal.

As the CEO of Tague Lumber, one of the largest suppliers of building materials and millwork in the Philadelphia area, Vince particularly liked the idea that they could purchase their Hawk Ridge property before construction began. He wanted to have the opportunity to watch the progress of their new home being built from the ground up.

“Vince enjoys the creative process of new construction, as well as the restoration of older buildings,” says Angel. “He brings his talent and enthusiasm to every project, whether expanding his business or conceiving personal spaces for our family to enjoy.”

Angel credits Vince with putting his heart and soul into every home they’ve shared in their 58 years together. From the Philadelphia suburbs, to Avalon, N.J., to Naples, Fla., Vince’s enthusiasm for customizing each of their homes has become contagious.

“Initially I wasn’t an active participant in the process, but it’s hard not to get excited when Vince gets so passionate about a new project,” says Angel. “We’ve been able to really collaborate on building, designing and decorating all of our homes. Unfortunately, leaving those lovely homes has always been more difficult for me than for Vince.”

Working with CCS Building Group on the new Hawk Ridge home has allowed Vince to make some minor changes to the interior design, including using a Tague Lumber millwork and door package.

“We made some changes to the bathrooms and customized the kitchen to look exactly how we want them to look,” says Vince. “Even though it’s going to be a smaller space than what we’re living in now, we don’t feel like we’re downsizing at all. We’ll have all the living space we need.”

The process has also allowed Angel to see beyond an empty new apartment; she’s been able to envision a new home filled with the things that they love.

In addition to the location and the excellent reputation of the healthcare services, which played primary roles in their decision to move, the Tagues also considered the positive effect the move to Hawk Ridge would have on their children. Since making the decision to move to Hawk Ridge, all three of their children have gotten involved in helping them plan for the eventual move, making the entire experience a real family affair.

“Our family has been enormously supportive and patient, mostly with me,” says Angel. “I’m the one who’s been dragging my feet. But our children are happy that we are planning this move now, while we are together and healthy, which makes it easier on all of us.”

“I definitely did not want the responsibility of our care to befall the children, if it would come to that,” says Vince. “I feel much better knowing that the kids won’t have to worry about us once we move.”