Planning Ahead: How the Heckschers and Missy Found Their Home

Sitting in the garden of their family home in West Mt. Airy, Cindy and Martin Heckscher, along with Missy, their 8-year-old Golden Retriever, are enjoying what will be their final summer in the house they’ve lived in for three decades. After a couple of years of searching, the home they’ve been seeking has just become available at The Hill at Whitemarsh.

With many longtime and new friends already at The Hill, the Heckschers had no doubt that it was their first choice for their retirement, even though their dream home had not yet become available.

“We’ve been in no rush, but we’re mindful of our age and knew that we needed to have a plan,” says Cindy. “And securing Lifecare was a guarantee that we’ll be able to have access to the care we may need as we age. Moreover, we would never want to place a burden on our children as we grow older.”

The Heckschers signed up for the Lifecare Placeholder three years ago, a move which qualified them for the Lifecare Guarantee and age-based pricing. It also allowed The Hill’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Christine Dwyer, to keep an eye on availability and give them priority over those on the Waiting List, since their Lifecare Guarantee officially made them residents of The Hill.

“The Heckschers had a pretty clear vision for what they wanted: two bedrooms and a den on the first level, an enclosed sunroom and ideally even two sunrooms, two-and-a-half baths, and a field view. The most important aspect, however, was for Missy to have direct access to outside space. In their new home, they’ll be right on one of the four walking trails we have on the campus,” says Christine. “We literally found them an exact match! It’s perfect, and we couldn’t be more excited for them … and they couldn’t be more excited for themselves!”

“I see it as the next chapter in our lives,” says Cindy. “We’re still working, albeit part-time, and are very busy and involved in volunteer activities. In that regard, we’re both drawn to the lifestyle at The Hill and the opportunities it offers, while Missy anticipates her move to the dog-friendly community that she will find at The Hill.”

Although they’ll be making the move into a new space, Cindy and Martin won’t be making any sweeping changes to their design aesthetic in the process. They plan on enlisting help through the white glove concierge moving services that The Hill offers to new residents, including design, assistance with seamless downsizing, moving coordination, and interior renovation recommendations, among other services that can help new residents feel at ease in their new home.

“Our Move-In Specialist, Sue Mazzarelli, is the hub of our move-in wheel,” says Christine. “She provides our new residents with relocation advice and coordinates all of their needs for their new homes.”

While the Heckschers might have a new space to get used to, the surroundings will be familiar to them.

“We’ve been in no rush, but we’re mindful of our age and knew that we needed to have a plan. And securing Lifecare was a guarantee that we’ll be able to have access to the care we may need as we age.”

“Our home now is just steps from the Wissahickon. Missy and I take two-mile walks through the woods every day, and we’ll still have close proximity to the Wissahickon when we move,” observes Cindy. “Additionally, our new home has direct access to some of the walking trails at The Hill, which will be perfect for Missy and us to explore.”

With the nearby Wissahickon and Center City Philadelphia only 11 miles away, the Heckschers are convinced they will not miss a beat when it comes to the lifestyle they love.