Q&A: Meet Our New Neighborhood: Hawk Ridge

When The Hill at Whitemarsh was still just a concept, an essential part of the plan was providing residents with freedom of choice—from educational and cultural opportunities to a variety of housing options. Once The Hill was finally built and had opened its doors to its first residents, freedom of choice remained a prominent theme throughout the community. So it’s no surprise that 11 years later, The Hill has decided to expand with a new neighborhood, Hawk Ridge, in order to create more choices for residents.

I sat down with Judy McGruther, CEO of The Hill at Whitemarsh, and Christine Dwyer, Director of Sales and Marketing, to talk about the expansion and how it will enhance life for all the residents of The Hill.

Q: What inspired the idea for Hawk Ridge?

Judy: Hawk Ridge will actually mark the completion of the original development plan for The Hill at Whitemarsh. This new neighborhood allows us to provide residents with three distinct types of residences to choose from based on their lifestyle. We understand that not everyone has the same preferences when it comes to the style of their home, and now we can better accommodate our community.

Christine: The Hawk Ridge expansion was thoughtfully planned during the original development of The Hill at Whitemarsh. We’ve established an excellent reputation of housing, service, amenities and healthcare, and with the growing interest in The Hill, now seems to be the appropriate time to make the final phase a reality.

Q: How will Hawk Ridge improve life at The Hill?

Christine: The additional amenities that Hawk Ridge will feature will appeal to both current residents as well as future-savvy individuals who are planning ahead. They will enjoy an additional swimming pool, club-room dining venues and resident spaces for all sorts of activities.

Judy: It’s been incredible to watch the evolution of the community here. We continuously strive to enhance the entire experience for our residents, and Hawk Ridge is a natural next step for the community.

Q: What kind of living options will Hawk Ridge provide to residents?

Christine: Hawk Ridge will consist of spacious residences with modern amenities that so many folks are looking for. The manageable two-story buildings with only five to six residences on each floor will have direct access by elevator to underground parking and state-of-the-art security. The 9-foot ceiling heights are enhanced with oversized windows, flooding the space with an abundance of natural light. All residences will feature hardwood floors, gas fireplaces, crown molding and modern kitchen finishes, along with ample closet and storage areas. Since construction has not yet begun, there is a great opportunity for new residents to customize their residences with a variety of finishes and really make them their own.

Q: How is life at The Hill unique?

Judy: There are so many benefits to life at The Hill, it’s hard to pinpoint just one. From all the social opportunities, to our Life Care Guarantee, to the beauty of our surroundings, to the maintenance-free lifestyle—residents have the ability to do the things they want to do, not the things they have to do. Many describe it as being a truly liberating experience.

Christine: Having spent 25 years working and developing Lifecare Communities, from Hanover, New Hampshire, to Oberlin, Ohio, to Naples, Florida, and places in between, I can safely say that life at The Hill is powered by shared activities, interests and charitable pursuits. Cultural, educational and fitness programs on campus outshine any community I have seen to date. Combine that with a pastoral setting on 96 acres with the accessibility to Philadelphia, and it is no wonder why so many have decided–or are considering– that the Hill at Whitemarsh is the place to be.


Q: What is something you would want people to know about Hawk Ridge and The Hill that they might not already know?

Judy: A big part of what makes this community so special is how involved the residents are in creating the overall experience here. Residents play a major role in guiding the direction of the community and work well with our leadership team to bring their ideas to fruition. Hawk Ridge will expand those opportunities for residents, and we look forward to welcoming new members to our community!

Christine: The Hill currently offers the unique quality of flexibility—flexibility in housing choices including styles, location and size, flexibility in dining options, and flexibility in service fees with something we call Age-Based Advantage.